Thursday, May 17, 2007

A little history, part II

Continued from yesterday...

Everything changed after Google took control. For years people speculated about Google having a hidden agenda concerning world domination. When asked about this matter they always denied and shifted the topic to how they felt an urge to fulfill public demands. We all remember what happened when Google agreed with the government issued censorship in China 20 years ago.

Just a few years after that happened the UltraFi communication network was deployed globally. Strong relations where built between Google and the authorities of all countries involved. That's probably when they first started working towards the worlds largest (and only) Internet authority. The trust of stockholders in Internet related business was quickly regained. Just the boost the connected world needed so much. Without it the services like the Nokia Times™, GoJoost and Joostation would never have made it. And never gotten so popular as they are today in the first place.

When the first online video channels started, like
YouTube and later Viji, people posted homemade movies with their visions of the future. It's funny to see how many of those predictions came true today. Even back then many did see it coming for the New York Times to not make it as a printed medium, nor online. Although only few expected the remains of the company to be bought by Nokia instead of a major player from China.

And me? I'm just glad we still have good old television channels, alcohol still isn't outlawed for consumption and that the Middle Eastern war has ended,

As long as the guys in the museum still believe I'm a doing research on the technology of the late 20st and early 21st century, I'll be posting about all things I find interesting, and worthy of writing about.

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