Friday, May 18, 2007

Hello World

Hi there.

Quite strange to be out in the open. That must be at least 15 years ago. We spent a lot of time blogging those days. The good old days. The whole social web thing was quite an adventure. We didn't even got a SIN* back then. We spent hours and hours on conversations online, using blogs, tweets, wiki's, fora and all the other old skool apps. We used nicknames and pseudo's. We wrote and posted whatever we want. Our biggest problem was to keep spam out of our e-mailboxes and spyware out of our OS... Well, let's not take that trip to memory lane right now. Let me start by introducing myself.

From now on I'll you can call me Sanne. Of course that's not my real name as I can't be that open about my id, never know who's gonna find this blog... Back in Europe I used to be a web entrepreneur. I started a variety of social network sites. After the JAUCG was founded my company couldn't continue and i found this job at the museum. Now I'm the curator of social media technologies formally known as the world wide web.

Olivier took me with him in his little conspiracy because of my job in the offline museum. He & i met a few days ago in the hardware warehouse at the museum. He told me he was doing research on the influence of technology and it's effect on the social behaviour of people through the past few decades. I immediately noticed he was making this up. He trusted me enough to ask my help in this blogger-project, so now I'm working on a remote connection on this server.

Have to go now. A lot of work is waiting and I've to make effort to keep my superiors from being suspicious...

Keep u posted.

*Social Identity Number

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