Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A little history, Part I

It's the year 2027, a lot has changed. Some of the things we thought to last for ever are gone, and many things we hoped would go by are still here. If it wasn't for the guy who by coincidence discovered the old abandoned blogspot servers while renovating a former data center. Curious if these old dusty computers where still working he fired them up, and discovered millions of long forgotten journals of countless people. Feeling it his duty to salvaige these stories he brought the computers to the Offline Museum of New Media, where they where restored in their old function and hooked up to old fashioned personal computers so people could experience how the internet used to work in the old days.

When the JAUCG* was founded in 2019 they gained a lot of support, especially from smaller countries, to fight to still endlessly growing number of blogs. An international blog posting restriction was issued just one year later – allowing people to post only once a week – and people started to move away from blogging.

Many new ways of communication where invented and with so many automated development tools available they where online in no-time. Since google already started subsidizing these initiatives, the Internet was flooded with places where people could meet, talk and show off their digital lifestyles. As long as it was real time, no journalist or surveillance official could complain about this.

This lasted until Google was commissioned by the UN to become the global authority for the web. Things really changed after that happened. For the good I say. It practically put an end to spam, thanks to IPX, the offline identity related successor of IPv6 and IPv9.4.

I'm blogging this from one of the computers in the Offline Museum for New Media, being the only place connected to the Blogspot servers.

I'll have to go now, otherwise the guards here will get suspicious. To be continued...

*Journalists Against User Generated Content

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